Our Mission


We strive to stop the cycle of poverty by providing.  

Families living below the poverty line cannot sustain themselves. Household members may be widowed, imprisoned, have a physical disability, and/or lack an education to gain a job that provides a living wage. Because the parents are struggling support the family, the children are forced to stop their education and work dangerous jobs at a young age. Therefore, the children do not gain an education which will pave the way to a stable job with a steady income that will one day support their family. 

That’s where Archangel Michael Coptic Care comes in. Archangel Michael Coptic Care provides the qualifying families with a “food box” filled with non perishable goods that will feed the family for a month. The “food box” allows the children to stay and school and become educated in order to support their family when they grow older. Archangel Michael also provides urgent medical care, clothes, and minimal financial aid on a case by case basis. 


All of us play an essential role in the process. The monks ensure that the food boxes are prepared correctly and create the schedule for the volunteers to go and check up on all of the families (yes, we check up on every single one!). Once the boxes are prepared, the volunteers travel to deliver and hand out the boxes to the local church. As the volunteer hands out the boxes, they sit with each family and make sure the paperwork is up to date, the children are in school, and the family attends the church and is communicating with the local priest.

You, our donors, are the ones that are able to make all of this possible. You are the ones that feed, educate, care, and love our brothers and sisters in Egypt. You are  giving them the gift of a better future.

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