"Leave your orphans, I will protect their lives."

- Jeremiah 49:11

Our Mission

Offer financial, medical and spiritual support to Coptic families living below poverty line and where there is no 18 years or older able bodied male to work and support the family.

Since 2000, we have led the effort to serve nearly 300 Christian families living in the poor areas of Egypt.

Since then as of February 2016 the number of families grew to 2033 with total number of individuals 8857

We came a long way with your support

As of February 2016

  • 925 Families (Orphans & Widows)
  • 552 Families with NO Income
  • 556 Families with Low Income
  • 2,033 Total supported families
  • 8857 Individuals that are receiving support
  • 1,019,980 Egyptian Pounds total funds spent this month for support